RBN Newsletter

April 2022

G’day Mates,

A wise man once said “It’s not the challenges we face, but how we handle them that determines our future and happiness”

Our industry is certainly facing a challenge.

It’s been dubbed the “profitless building boom”,

Irrespective of whether you are a volume or bespoke builder, it has become increasingly difficult to retain profit, manage cashflow and still meet customer expectations in terms of both price and completion dates.

Now is not the time to be taking on new work without working with your key suppliers to secure supply of materials and fix price if possible, or factor price rises into your quote.

We are grateful to our RBN Supplier Mates who have given preference to RBN Mates where materials have been in short supply, or lead times extended.

Many builders have entered fixed price contracts and are carrying cost increases of ~30%.

We have the support of a number of senior managers within the VBA for the introduction of price escalation relief for domestic contracts. We will continue to push, but the Govt is slow to listen and even slower to act – We’ll keep fighting!

We have a team of RBN supplier mates who are experts in their field, ready & willing to support you.

Don’t wait or remain uncertain, reach out, get the facts and direction you need.

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Business advice
  • Estimating
  • Legal advice
  • Work Safety
  • Plus many others

With challenge comes opportunity. A number of RBN Mates have taken opportunity to diversify and attain their Low Rise Commercial Registration. Having DB-U and CB-L provides options and opportunity.

Another has attained Registration as Domestic Inspector Swimming Pool Safety. Comfortable 5 inspections per day @$350 each with strong demand, and little outlay is not a bad option!

RBN Mates have access to Builder Registration at discounted rates.

Remember, You are a Mate – We have your Back