G’day Mates

Early in my business life the Australian economy was hit hard as part of a global recession. Home loans were at 17.5%, and unemployment was approaching 10%. An older guy that I respected in business, told me to be considerate of those out of work, but focus on the 90% that were still in work, who still needed my services.

There is no doubt we are in tough times, and it will take longer than anyone of us would like for the economy to recover to the new normal. (what ever shape that may take!)   

We are indeed fortunate that Building and Construction remains an essential industry, and we have ability to continue working.

I can only repeat the message I was given. Be mindful of others who have been adversely affected, but the best means of protecting your financial security is looking after your business.

Currently, we can’t visit friends or go to a sporting event, a restaurant, bar or even a movie. We are finding new things to stimulate our mental health or returning to old favourites that bring comfort.

In addition to looking after your mental health, bring some focus and attention to the health of your business.

RBN is playing its part. Our estimating courses are selling out fast and the feedback to our Developers workshop was fantastic.

The RBN team is working hard, with more webinars on the way, new courses planned, and an added estimator on staff to handle this increasingly popular service.

Our list of Supplier Mates is growing and deals are sharper – so check them out. 

There is not one area of running a Building Business where RBN cannot assist you with advice, direction or service.

Feel free to call the RBN team with any enquiry or question you may have. The chances are that we can assist you immediately from within our own resources, or point you in the direction of a reliable mate who can help.

Remember RBN is here to help our Mates – we have your back.

Stay safe, stay healthy



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