There are 260,000 dwellings with Swimming pools or spas in Victoria with fences/barriers that must be inspected every 4 years.

Only qualified building surveyors and building inspectors can undertake these inspections.

In recognition of the huge demand, the VBA has introduced a new class of registration

Registered Inspector – Pool Safety

The requirements to become a Registered Inspector – Pool Safety are:

  • Complete VBA accredited pool/spa barrier course
    1. 4 days if you are currently DB-U
    2. 6 days if you are not already registered
  • Undertake min 10 on-site pool inspections with Registered Inspector
  • Submit VBA application
  • Undertake VBA assessment (at this stage only multiple choice test)

Builder Registration has teamed up with SPASA – Australia (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) to deliver the VBA accredited course.

Builder Registration can assist with:

  • 10 on-site inspections under supervision Registered Inspector
  • Preparation of application to VBA
  • Training for VBA assessment

An experienced inspector can average 4-5 inspections per day at an average fee of $300-350 per inspection!

Not a bad opportunity !

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