It’s good news for the residential construction industry!

You will be happy to know that Buildxact’s latest Residential Construction Activity Report (October – December 2020) has found that residential builders and trades across Australia continue to stay in high demand, despite the ups and downs of our COVID lockdowns.

  • The number of estimates for new builds rose 3% nationally in Q4
  • November 2020 saw an unusually strong month, with an uplift of 6% in total estimates
  • Average builder margins for new builds completed were up almost 8% on 2019 figures

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Read the full Q4 Activity Report 

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On average, a single storey new build takes a builder 20 hours to manually quote. This is valuable time lost if the builder doesn’t win the job. Buildxact builders quote faster and more frequently than other builders, helping them save time, win more work and increase their profit.

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