G’day Mates,

Chances are you are working longer and harder as we are rapidly heading towards the end of yet another year.

You would think the world ends on Christmas day as customers press for completion of their jobs over the next 2 ½ weeks.

Most would agree that we don’t want another year like 2021, or 2020 for that matter.

As an industry we have been more fortunate than most, in that we have been able to work through all but a few weeks of lockdown.

Building and Construction is booming, but price rises and product shortages are a real threat to profit and cashflow for most builders. We are grateful to our RBN Supplier Mates who have given preference to RBN Mates where materials have been in short supply, or lead times extended.

In addition to Materials, RBN has a raft of other services provided by RBN Supplier Mates. Our team has never been busier supporting Mates and referring them to expert advice in law, insurance, finance, accounting, marketing etc etc. If you have a question we would like to think we can help or direct you to a Mate you can trust.

We are still working to press for the introduction of price escalation relief for contracts under $500K, but the Govt is slow to listen and slow to act – We’ll keep swinging the bat!

In October we welcomed Emily to the RBN Team. Emily is quickly settling into her role of looking after RBN Mates. Emily is already making her mark, and we look forward to her growing into a strong and rewarding career with us.

Madie is on Maternity leave from mid December. An integral part of the RBN/Builder Registration Team, she will be missed, but will be back late 2022. Our sincere wish is for a safe and healthy arrival of their first child. Our first RBN BUBS!

As we focus upon 2022, I would personally like to thank & acknowledge the great work, effort and dedication of all members of the RBN & Builder Registration Team – you are the best!

To you our RBN Mates, and Supplier Mates – thank you. May you, your family and other loved ones, enjoy a safe, healthy and hopefully relaxing festive season.

Remember, You are a Mate – We have your Back



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