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December 2020

G’day Mates,

Well done Victoria. Well done all Mates!

We shared the pain of lockdown and are now finding our way through life after COVID-19.

Things in our personal lives are different this December compared to 2019, but the pressure & rush to complete builds before the Christmas break is as hot as ever. The world ends on Christmas Eve!

The building and construction industry has been identified as a key driver in restoring the strength and faith in the Victorian economy. Incentives to home buyers and renovators by means of grants and tax relief have already been rolled out.

We expect these incentives will further increase demand for all forms of building during the coming year. We are going to be busy.

Your RBN Team is excited about embracing the challenge. We welcome Tess, as our newest RBN team member. Tessa comes with a great background in admin & customer service.  We are ready for a big year ahead.

Will you be ready ?

Our vision is to support you to build, and build your business, knowing you have the resources or back-up for all services and supplies needed to keep you not just up to date but ahead of the game.

2020 has been weird on all levels. It will be good to put it behind us.

Compared to most industries, ours has been more fortunate throughout this pandemic than most.

When compared to the overwhelming majority of countries & places on Earth, undoubtedly, Australia is the Lucky Country.

On behalf of all the RBN team, we wish you a safe, busy and profitable lead up to Christmas.

May your short break be filled relaxing with family, friends, gratitude, and excitement for the year ahead. 

Remember –through the tough times, and into the good times – RBN has your back

Colin B

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