G’day Mates,

We know the industry will be crazy busy over the next 2+ months.

Your time is valuable, so it is not unreasonable to charge more, (without ripping people off), for those urgent small jobs that must be done prior to Christmas, and usually in addition to your busy schedule. The little extra received during this peak demand makes up for being rained off site in August!

From now until Christmas, our office will receive countless calls asking… Can you help me out with a Chippie? Do you know a Brickie? I need a Sparkie!

We help where we can, but the reality is that whilst you may be lucky enough to find a tradie between builds, if you find someone without a full schedule you probably don’t want them.

The lesson here is to book trades well in advance, pay a fair rate, pay on time, maintain a clean safe site, allow trades to work quickly, efficiently and insist upon a quality result.

In the RBN office, the team are working hard to engage with quality suppliers to deliver great service at highly competitive prices.

Legal advice exclusive to RBN Mates.

Damin Murdock is the Principal Lawyer at MCLP Construction Lawyers, assisting Builders needing advice in all areas of building and construction law. Are you starting a business? Chasing payment? Unsure of a contract? Whatever the legal issue Damin offers a free initial consultation where he will provide sound advice and direction. Should you need representation, special rates are available to all RBN Mates.

Coming soon !

The laws and regulations surrounding hiring and managing employees and contractors can be a savage minefield that can be highly stressful and costly if not handled correctly.

Equally you need to know your position and rights if a split with a business or personal partner is likely or has just occurred.

We are placing finishing touches to a fantastic offer from a leading Supplier to offer RBN Mates an exclusive hotline to call and receive immediate advice, and an on-line tool box to access templates for employment documents, checklists, contracts, discipline warning letters and a host of other fact sheets and support documents to support you in your business and personal life.

The hotline and tool-box will be free to RBN Mates, and special rates provided if you need further formal assistance.

Always there !

We are here for you, and in addition to the team at RBN, within our group of companies we have an impressive team of talented professionals willing and able to assist or direct you in all areas of building and business.

Don’t hesitate to call RBN at any time as if they can’t help you, they can find someone who can.


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