G’day RBN Mates,

Welcome to Spring and lead into the busiest and most demanding time of the year for our Industry.

If you are self-employed or responsible for managing jobs, you understand that there is never enough time in the day, so we appreciate your time reading this, and commit to making it worthwhile.

RBN was created to support new and established Registered Builders in managing and growing their businesses, through better prices, professional service, industry updates and providing access to a network of likeminded builders wanting to stay on top of their game and improve their business and lifestyle.

Our rapidly increasing selection of RBN Supplier Mates have committed to providing better prices and service than you can get by yourself, so why not compare against your current supplier.

One RBN mate demonstrated savings of over $3K by using RBN Supplier Mates in 1 small job.

Remember every $ saved improves your bottom line, which is better in your pocket!

Have you tried

  • Our Estimating service – From ballparks to full estimates (Mates Rates available)

Have you heard – Industry Update

  • The Licensing and Registration of Trades will become a big discussion point over the next few months. Essentially in September last year legislation was passed to allow for licensing and registration of select trades (carpenters, bricklayers, concreters, plasterers, water-proofers)
  • In essence if you are a licensed trade you cannot be a sub-contractor & must be an employee of the builder
  • What are the requirements for a trade license? – there are many rumours but the truth is the Government has not worked this part out yet, but they have promised to release details later this year – so stay tuned!
  • If you are a registered Trades-person (DB-L) you can sub-contract to builders or work directly for consumers but only in line with your trade (ie chippie can’t undertake plumbing)
  • Confused – we all are, so best to keep in contact with RBN or Builder Registration www.builderregistration.com.au for the latest developments.

Call the team on 9580 0800 or check out our website www.rbn.com.au with any enquiry or to contact any RBN Supplier Mate.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to presenting further opportunities and sincerely hope you will profit and keep informed as a result.

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