The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is inviting stakeholders to comment on the Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Covered Balconies in Residential BuildingsConsultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS). The RIS assesses the problem of fire occurring on balconies of residential buildings over 25 metres and considers options to safeguard occupants in the case of a fire event.

Building Ministers were presented with information about fire occurring on balconies of residential buildings at the July 2015 Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF). Ministers requested that the ABCB consider and report on possible amendments to the NCC to require sprinkler protection to all covered balconies irrespective of their size, in Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 9 buildings.

In response to this outcome, the ABCB has prepared a Consultation RIS to assess options that safeguard occupants of new residential buildings over 25 metres in effective height through measures that respond effectively to a fire event.  The purpose of the Consultation RIS is to encourage stakeholders to provide information and data that will support a more thorough analysis of the issues.

Responses to the questions contained in the RIS are invited by close of business Tuesday 26 April 2016, and can be emailed to with the subject title “Fire Sprinkler RIS”.  For further information please visit the ABCB website.



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