G’day Mates,

Between bushfires, floods and Coronavirus, it has been a turbulent few months.

The building industry remains buoyant and it’s hard to see things slowing down, as the latest cut in official RBA interest rates will continue to fuel borrowing for new homes, reno’s and investment.

The Coronavirus has not only driven panic food-banking in Australia, but also had a dramatic effect on production of many building products sourced from China. We have reports of Australian suppliers quoting lead times of up to 8 months for commonly used products.

Our Supplier Mates are committed to providing the best service and prices to RBN mates, so I encourage you to make contact, check out the range, service and prices offered, and start a relationship. Mates look after mates, especially when you need a favour or service over and beyond the norm.

The RBN Team are busy and excited as the number of Mates and Supplier Mates grows, and our events, support services are being embraced. The recent event at our selection Centre in Frankston was attended by more than 120 people. The feedback was great!

We have a number of exciting new initiatives to roll out over the next 3 months, and we are always keen to hear of ways we can support further. If you have a problem getting good service or advice in any part of your business let us know. You probably won’t be on your own, and RBN can use our resources to find a professional provider, or do it ourselves.

Call the RBN office, remember our free legal advice line 1800MSTRBN, check out our supplier Mates, and stay tuned for more benefits from RBN which keep more money in your account.

Finally, with Coronavirus being a real concern – look after yourselves, your family and your team.



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