Are money worries impacting you, your business, and your life? Get to know and understand your numbers and feel the weight lift.

About this event

Wed, 25 August 2021

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM AEST

Cost : $25.00

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Know Your Numbers

This event is a must for you if…

• Money worries are keeping you awake at night

• You struggle to manage your cash flow

• Numbers aren’t your thing but as a business owner, you know you need to get your head around what numbers need to be tracked.

In this virtual round table session, Gavin Knight from True North Business Advisory will be helping us get to know and understand our numbers.


What this means for you is

• Less stress and more sleep

• Know when to offer credit and when to put it on hold

• Understand your numbers and what they mean so you can make decisions with confidence.

About your host

Colleen and Phil founded Building Connections in June 2019 with a vision to bring individuals and couples working in the building industry together to share ideas, improve motivation, and lower stress. An opportunity to build industry connections and friendships.

The Building Connections community provides:

  • face to face events – social and educational ( Laugh and Learn and Get It Done sessions)
  • opportunity to build a network to grow your business.
  • a place to connect and share experiences and bounce ideas.
  • introductions to experts to take your business to the next level.

Building Connections events are relaxed, fun, and supportive.

“Social connection is just as important as eating well and regular exercise. As business owners connecting with other business owners sharing experiences reduces our stress and anxiety. Taking time to interact with others in our industry is often when we have our light bulb moments that give us our greatest results” – Colleen

Experts share their knowledge and experiences to support you in your personal and business growth. Then we have the quarterly social events that really make us feel a part of something bigger – Think of us as the social club within a big business created just for you and your family.

Important info

Building Connections events offer an informal space to learn from peers and industry experts. The information provided is guidance only. If you would like specific advice let us know and where we can we will facilitate an introduction.

We are grateful to our many experts who offer their time freely to participate in events to support the industry and community.

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