November Industry Update from our Director Colin Brewer

  G’day Mates, There is a lot going on within the RBN Group! This month Builder Registration will celebrate assisting our 1000th Mate to attain their building licence. A fantastic achievement in only 6 ½ years since we established Builder Registration, from Brian’s home office and my kitchen table. As our reputation has grown, so … Continued

October Industry Update from our Director Colin Brewer

G’day Mates, We know the industry will be crazy busy over the next 2+ months. Your time is valuable, so it is not unreasonable to charge more, (without ripping people off), for those urgent small jobs that must be done prior to Christmas, and usually in addition to your busy schedule. The little extra received … Continued

Industry Update from our Director Colin Brewer

G’day RBN Mates, Welcome to Spring and lead into the busiest and most demanding time of the year for our Industry. If you are self-employed or responsible for managing jobs, you understand that there is never enough time in the day, so we appreciate your time reading this, and commit to making it worthwhile. RBN … Continued

New Financial Year, New Apprentice? New Incentive May Help

To create more jobs and skill development, the government has announced new incentives to support employers and their apprentices.   This applies to trades on the National Skills Needs List including carpentry, joinery, bricklaying, stonemasonry, plastering and wall-and-floor tiling. The payment of $4,000 will be paid to employers who hire a new apprentice (not an existing worker). … Continued

5 Keys To A Successful Trades Business

Every trade business is different, but the principals remain the same! Implementation and taking action for each of these keys is what will separate you from the competition and become the specialist that clients WANT to do work for. Success Key #1 – Purpose of your business Success Key #2 – What’s your niche? Success … Continued

5 Reasons to Invest Your Time in Networking

Here’s why making connections at a networking event can help take your business to the next level There are many reasons why you should invest time and energy in connecting with others at networking events. With a little effort, you’ll build your professional network, create new opportunities, find invaluable help and advice – and perhaps … Continued

Positive Outlook on Housing Affordability

According to HIA’ s April Media Release, there is positivity around housing affordability by improving household disposable income through the Budget. “The timing of income tax cuts on 1 July 2019 combined with a modest growth in wages will see an increase in household disposable income.” “The building and construction industry employ one in ten … Continued

The Power of Long-Term Planning

  In todays world the biggest challenge facing small business in the building industry is the ability to forward think and plan long-term. How much time do you spend working IN your business rather than ON your business? If you still consider yourself ‘hands on’ in your business and don’t have a support team around … Continued

VBA to speed up Company Rego turnaround

Builders across Victoria are more than frustrated about just how long it is taking the VBA to process company registration applications. Building companies are being forced to delay and turn down work at the busiest time of year, due to the back log at the VBA. The good news is that the VBA have heard … Continued

VBA Enforce Company Registration

DOMESTIC BUILDING COMPANY REGISTRATION   The VBA will soon start placing restrictions on the domestic building eligibility for building companies that are not registered as a domestic building practitioner. This means that if your building company has not been registered as a domestic builder, you won’t be able to obtain domestic building certificates for future … Continued