RBN Newsletter

October 2020

G’day Mates,

It is becoming more evident that we are over COVID-19, and just want a sense of normality to return. We want to work freely, visit family and friends, play and watch sport and have the excited anticipation of going on the next holiday.

But we must be patient. Irrespective of politics, theories and blame, the message is simple “it is what it is”

Reality hits when I think of my Daughter-in-Law, Bridget. She is a charge nurse in the Intensive Care unit at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. She has faced down the stark reality of patients dying from the initial and second wave.

We must remain patient, accept the reality of today, but plan for the future.

As we are released, common belief is that industry will face strong demand for reno’s, & extensions prior to Christmas.

The Government has clearly indicated strong incentives for building and Construction.

RBN has your back and can help.

In anticipation of a flood of enquiries, check out the deal for RBN Estimation service.

Why spend hours or days preparing quotes, when you could be working and producing income. From working drawings RBN can prepare a 95% accurate quote within 48 hours. On your instruction and after selections, we can present you with a 100% estimate with complete bill of materials within 7 working days. 

The Industry is seeing the support available to RBN mates and suppliers are lining up to get involved.

Be assured any service or product offered must pass our rigid quality and ethic requirements. You wouldn’t recommend a poor performer to a mate, because it would reflect on you, we are the same.

Stay tuned for more support services

  • Drafting  (fast turnaround working drawings or amendments)
  • Architecture  (specialist design work)
  • Book keeping  (from basic package to full accounting)

Our vision is to allow you to build, and build your business, knowing you have the resources or back-up for all services and supplies needed to keep you not just up to date but ahead of the game.

RBN has your back

Stay Patient, Stay Healthy

Colin B

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