Direct line to suppliers?
Mate, you’ve got It.

RBN Mate gives you instant connections to suppliers, unlocking rates that traditionally require a decade of high-volume orders. It's not just a rewards program; it's your gateway to exclusive deals, direct conversations with supplier reps, and a community that’s got each other's back. Step in, secure mates' rates from the outset, and bid farewell to the usual holdups.



Become a Mate and unlock a world of exclusive benefits. Get direct access to dedicated representatives from top building and construction industry suppliers, ensuring your inquiries are prioritised.


Jump the queues! With RBN Mate, you connect directly to suppliers. Log in to access up-to-date price lists, request quotes, and get the contact information of dedicated supplier representatives ready to assist you.


Make the most of exclusive Mate Rates on a wide range of products and services. Our strong partnerships with industry-leading suppliers ensure you get the best deals, helping you save big on every project.

Your Direct Line to Success.

RBN Mate isn’t just a rewards program—it’s your direct connection to suppliers and a suite of services designed to save you time and money.

From day one, you get access to exclusive deals and a supportive community. It’s about giving you the tools and backing you need to thrive in the building and construction industry. Watch the video to learn more about how RBN Mate can be your game-changer.