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Meet Michelle: Your Dedicated Dulux Specialist

With over 35 years at Dulux Trade Business, Michelle is a seasoned expert in construction. When she's not working, Michelle enjoys unwinding through cooking and gardening, always ready to assist. Michelle represents expertise and reliability, ensuring top quality and service for your next construction project.

“We’re not just about paint. We’re about offering real solutions and support that make a difference in the building industry.” – Michelle

Dulux isn't just a name; it's a standard, offering an array of high-quality paints, sealants, and finishes to meet your every construction need.

Count on Dulux for more than paint

Dulux doesn’t just sell paint! They sell an arrange of coatings, that have you covered on any build.

Trusted Brands: A Dulux promise in every product. Unmatched Network: Support spanning Victoria. Tailored Support: For builders big and small. Innovative Solutions: Products designed for tomorrow's building needs. Local Expertise: Your Victorian construction ally.

Look no further for best quality hardware at mates rates!