G’day Mates,

Many years ago I was holidaying on the Great Barrier Reef when the island was hit by a massive cyclone. All the guests and staff were isolated in the main dining room for 30 hours, as the cyclone’s intensity built up to a frightening howl, before the eerie stillness of being in the eye of the cyclone, followed by the same ferocity then gradually subsiding.

What was a paradise, had been beaten into destruction, with most buildings and facilities damaged beyond recognition. Restoring the island took massive effort and expense over several years.

COVID-19 has devastated many parts of the economy in the same way the cyclone did to the island.

“Out of adversity comes opportunity” – Benjamin Franklin

Hopefully as you are reading this, we are coming out of COVID-19 stage 4 lock down and adapting to further new rules that govern how we work over the next weeks and months ahead.

We are fortunate that building and construction is an essential industry, but are we protecting our businesses, and at the same time looking for opportunity?

The RBN Team has scheduled a series of workshops and webinars of direct relevance to all RBN Mates.

“Building Essentials” and “Where New Builders Go Wrong” are just two of the forthcoming workshops that should be in your calendar.

The accurate estimating of jobs is critical, the response to our “Estimating 101” workshop was a sell out, and the “RBN Estimating Essentials” workshop has been popular with Mates up-skilling using the popular Buildxact software.

We have strengthened our RBN Estimating Service and can offer even faster turnaround times for “Ball Park” (95% accuracy in 48 hours) or full service estimating & BOM service.

There is not one area of your business that you can’t turn to RBN for assistance, so feel free to call the RBN team.

Remember – RBN has your back!

Stay safe, stay healthy



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