Animal Carpentry

Animal Carpentry is a Melbourne based company specialising in Carpentry Labour hire.


Need chippies?


Animal Carpentry assists in all aspects of carpentry from the initial set out of the site, to the hand over of the build with final finishing touches and attention to detail .

One of Animal Carpentry’s best attributes is our ability to make your last minute needs a reality with the ease of a phone call or an online request.

We treat your business like our own, offering a smooth and rewarding experience from day one.


Have chippies? 


Are you in between jobs, looking for some extra work for your carpenters?

If you’ve got quality carpenters on board, we can find short or long term work for them in no time at all.


Give us a call or jump on our website to find out more.


P. 0417114462
208 York St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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