Bowens are a family owned business since 1894 which are dedicated to helping all builders with every part of the job, offering personalised service to ensure you can deliver quality and efficiency in every part of the building cycle


At Bowens, we understand how difficult it is to organise a building project from start to finish. Sourcing the right materials, having the correct onsite procedures can be challenging in an environment with strict deadlines.


While Bowens has changes a lot over the years, we have never lost sight of our old fashioned values of integrity and personalised face-to-face service. Bowens has over 40 well trained, experience account managers helping builders with onsite advice and product support, ensuring no down time occurs and that materials arrive on time, in full.


No matter how big and small, Bowens

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48/52 Hallam S Rd, Hallam VIC 3803, Australia

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We offer great rates exclusive to our RBN Mates