G.J. Gardner Homes

G.J. Gardner Homes is Australia’s most experienced and  trusted home builder, having built over 36,000 custom  homes in Australia, NZ and the US since its  establishment in 1983. We understand our customers  determine our success and our vision is to have every  customer recommend us to their closest friend. Our  mission is to build the G.J. Gardner Homes name by  delivering exceptional customer experiences. In 2019/2020 G.J. Gardner Homes ranked as Australia’s 6th largest detached home  builder and Australia’s most successful and productive  home builder in terms of dwellings built under a  franchise structure. We’re looking for ambitious,  business-minded people who want to grow their  revenue, increase their profits and become the largest  and most highly regarded builder in their community.


P. 03 9338 5588

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