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Window Goop is applied to all types of glass including Low-E coated glass in the early part of construction, generally as soon as the windows are installed and can remain on the glass for up to 12 months. While on the glass Window Goop creates a protective barrier from mortar, render, paint, grinding sparks and mistreatment by other trades in the construction process. Window Goop is simply peeled off in 1 sheet to reveal a clean and undamaged window underneath and is Australian Made & owned, non- hazardous water-based product.

P. 1300 674 667 (1300 MR GOOP)

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We would like to say a big thank you for introducing us to your product. Although we have only been using the Goop for a couple of months now we have found it to be an absolute life saver!

For such a minimal cost it definitely takes the hard work out of the equation when it comes to the final clean for our brand new homes before handover. There is now no more need to worry about what we are going to find, no more worrying about scratches in bathtubs or on benchtops. This product definitely gives you the peace of mind that when we hand over our homes they will be in perfect condition.

Such an effortless product to work with!

Kelsie Schrag

- Kelsie Schrag - Administration - GJ Gardiner Homes Dalby/Chinchilla

We have been using the Goop Guys for several years for our window protection. We find the products very helpful and the service is very timely and professional. By using Goop to protect the glass and frames we save our brick layers and cleaners considerable time & effort. Not to mention the hassle of replacing the glass if the windows and doors were damaged. The price of Goop Guys’ products and services is competitive with current market and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Goop Guys to other builders.”

Ray Schier
Elevation Homes

- Ray Schier - Director - Elevation Homes

House and Land Design PTY LTD have been using Goop temporary protection products for some years now to protect our windows, sliding door sills and bathtubs. We have also recently began trialling their new roof Goop. We have never had an issue with any of their products and find them to be of the highest quality. The service is always timely and professional with no hassles.
I would highly recommend the use of Goop products as they save us time and money.”

House and Land Design PTY LTD

- House and Land Design Pty Ltd

We use the Goop Guys exclusively in our region and have always found them to be prompt, reliable and a great company to deal with.

We never build a home without ‘Gooping’ the windows, baths and bench tops throughout. We find this not only protects products from trade damage and saves us money on costly repairs and replacements but we have also found it to be a fantastic ‘value add’ for our clients.
They love the fact that we care enough to professionally cover expensive finished house items.

- Sean Fraser - Construction Manager - Ausmar Homes