Just Eco

Just Eco is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of recycled and sustainable timber products. Our unique timber is sourced from historical buildings, wharves and bridges and our vast network of demolition crews allow us to also re-purpose timber from residential and commercial buildings while reducing waste and conserving the environment. This allows each of our products to tell an amazing story with it’s unique character.

At Just Eco, we believe that the age of the timber is what gives it its beauty.

Our experienced in-house joinery and machining team allow us to provide product and services for designers, architects, commercial and residential building projects.

Some of our machined products range from dressed all round timber, cladding, decking, posts, beams and floorboards allowing our customers to creatively integrate timber into a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. 

As a part of the RBN Mateship we are offering all our Mates 25% off their first recycled timber purchase and 15% off any new timber purchase for the month of November and December.  We have a variety of timber pieces available on site at our Timber Yard in Sunshine West and also samples in our Showroom in South Melbourne.  Come and visit us and our team at Just Eco will help you to integrate stunning timber features into any project. 


Our locations

Timber Yard – 544 Somerville Road, Sunshine West

Showroom – 208 York Street, South Melbourne

P. 03 9311 0541 A. 208 York Street, South Melbourne VIC

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RBN Mates Receive: 20% off all recycled Timber products across the board, face to face meetings for building concepts and Solutions and 10% off all new timber products.