Sunline Energy

We are an industry expert and leader in the solar industry. We specialise in solar projects for new build houses, commercial solar installations for businesses, home solar installations and battery system setups. We pride ourselves on using our own full time installation team that are all qualified electricians and Clean Energy Council Accredited.


P. 0411 390 462

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RBN Mates receive 35% off the retail sales price of our solar range


5 killowatt system

“I was so happy with Sunline Energy – they completed my solar installation the workmanship is top notch and I have saved so much money to date! My last electricity bill I received credits”

- Brad Baines – Cranbourne East

5 killowatt system

“I got other quotes from other companies but I was really happy that I went with James as he is an expert in the field and provided me with information that was reliable. I also was very happy with the high quality components that he installed.”

- Raylene Fordham - Anglesea