Veracity Financial

Veracity Financial is owned by the Hopper Motor Group. Our Primary Function is to supply Asset Finance Solutions to our Mates in a timely and professional manner.

The Hopper Motor Group is renown for its honest and ethical business practices and has been family owned for over 50 years.

Veracity is exteremely pleased to be in direct referral partnership with Registered Builders Network and their Mates!

Our Business is all about networking and growing through good mates referring us on to other good mates… So a seamless customer experience is what we strive for, and is our ultimate goal.

We can arrange finance for all things ‘Asset Finance related’. From tools, to equipment to personal or business loans.

Through our network of new or used car, van and truck dealers and wholesalers, we can get you our best price on the vehicle of your choice, on top of a great finance deal!

P. 1300 721 258
1 Citrus St, Braeside VIC 3195, Australia

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Offering a free 45 minute personal appointment to all our Mates, why not discover what Veracity Financial can do for your business.


“I am grateful for having met Duncan Bearder many years ago.  I had a large finance brokerage employing 42 full time staff across three locations in Victoria and NSW and have used Duncan’s services to secure lending for many clients over the years.


The thing I appreciate most is the prompt response I always get from Duncan, both to my calls and emails. No matter how difficult a deal may seem or be, its never too hard for Duncan and his team.  I never expected I would find myself in a situation where I would need to go to extra effort to secure a car loan but through circumstances out of my control, I found myself in exactly that situation recently and despite all my years in finance, I had written off the possibility of getting the loan I needed.  Duncan however, did not and actually settled the loan within two weeks!


I would always recommend Duncan and the team at Veracity as I still do today to all my clients.  They have settled more deals for me than any other lender.”



- Nazar Karabidian | Business Development Manager | Exclusive CC